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Modern marble sculpture by the Brazilian-born American artist, Elizabeth Freire, may be commissioned in bronze or terracotta. Suitable for outdoor installations.


Modern terracotta sculptures suitable for indoor settings. These and other designs may be  commissioned  in bronze or marble at any size.


A maquette is a sculptor’s small preliminary model that may be proportionately enlarged in any size in bronze or in marble. Both materials are equally qualified to be in outdoor settings, fountain projects or landscape sculpture gardens.  Diverse finishing patina colors are available. Photos of all sculptures on this website are subject to Copyright protection.

Stones speak

  Stones speak each in its own language Each chooses its own shape and size Some choose to be monuments Some choose to be fragmented and reassembled Some choose to be colorful To decipher their desires is to bring out what is already in them. It is hard work, a work of patience You must […]


Commissions for bronze sculptures are accepted. Please contact the artist.